A Secure Network Protects Your Business and Your Customers

A new malware (virus, ransomware, spyware, or adware) attacks a business once every few seconds. Will your network security efforts be able to stop it?

Whether you oversee a computer network for a small business, manage an IT group that supports 100 people, or serve thousands of employees who work for a large enterprise, your network must function securely.


The average cost to small businesses that suffer from a cyberattack.

36.2 million

The estimated number of remote workers in the United States (a target for cybercriminals.)


The percentage of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error.

Will Your Network Security Be Able To Stop Cyber Attacks?

Today's digital economy demands that you implement effective strategies to secure and protect your network. When the network is supported with the right security detection capabilities you create the groundwork for a safer and more secure network environment - protecting employees as well as your business and customer data.

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Administrative, technical and physical safeguards are put in place to help prevent unauthorized access and maintain data security but cannot guarantee 100 percent security.