Welcome to Nuvera's
Business Referral Program

A win-win opportunity - refer a business to Nuvera and receive a cash reward!*

• Totally free to participate

• Unlimited referrals

How does it work?

Refer a new business customer to Nuvera using the referral form.

Once the referral signs a business agreement with Nuvera and services are installed, you receive your cash reward*.

Types of Payouts

1 month of the monthly recurring revenue generated**

Example: You refer $4,000 worth of monthly recurring revenue. You get a lump sum of $4,000 after the first billing period is processed.

25% commision on the sale of one time purchased goods or non-recurring revenue such as equipment.**

Example: You refer $16,000 worth of phone equipment. You get $4,000 after the first billing period has processed.

**Excluding taxes, fees, and installation, max earnings on one referral is $5,000

Who should I refer?

A business who is not a Nuvera customer and in need of the following services:***

Business internet
High speed broadband & ethernet connections
FlexVoice phone equipment
Network data security
Hosted services
Hardware & software sales
IT & network consulting

Feel confident in your referral

Local, responsive customer support and installation

Expert IT team just a call away

"It has been such a relief to know that Nuvera is handling everything for us. Their staff is amazing and they do so much more than we thought."

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Referral Submission Form

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Referral Program FAQs

How many referrals can I make?

As many as you'd like! Even if you have a referral awaiting approval, you can continue to make referrals.

Are there earning limitations?

The max earning per referral is $5,000 excluding taxes, fees, and installation. There is no cap to total earnings just the $5,000 cap per referral.

Does it cost money to make a referral?

No, making a referral is completely free.

When will I get paid for my referral?

After the referral signs a business agreement, services are installed, and the first bill is sent, Nuvera will send your payment.

How will I get paid?

Nuvera will write a check to your business after the referral signs a business agreement, services are installed, and the first bill is sent. We do not pay out individuals, only businesses.

How do I submit a referral?

You are welcome to submit a referral using our online form.

How do I know if my referral is eligible?

Eligible referrals include new business customers or customers that haven't been a Nuvera business customer within 12 months of the referral. The business must also be located within the Nuvera service area (with the exception of voice service).

How do I know when my referral is approved?

We will communicate with you once you submit your referral and when it's either accepted or rejected. If you have questions throughout the process, feel free to call us at 844.610.5300.

Why was my referral rejected?

Your referral could have been rejected for multiple reasons including but not limited to:

Your referral didn't purchase Nuvera services.

Your referral is not a new customer or has been a Nuvera customer within the last 12 months.

We couldn't service your referral.

Your referral was out of our service area.

We cannot pay out individuals, only businesses.

How will this affect my taxes?

If you earn more than $600 from the referral program, you must file a 1099. We will send to you at the end of the year.

Other restrictions apply. See referral program rules.

*After your referral signs a business agreement, services are installed, and the first bill is sent, your payment will be made.

**Given the max earning on one referral is $5,000 for both monthly recurring revenue and non-recurring revenue, your referral value will exclude taxes, fees, and installation charges. This ensures you will be paid for the true business you have referred.

***Referral must be a new customer to Nuvera or a business who hasn’t had Nuvera services for at least 12 months. For most of our business services, the referral must be located within our service area. There are few instances where we can provide services to a referral outside of our service area.