If Your Server Goes Down Your Entire Company Performance Is Affected

Server health requires a proactive approach that addresses uptime, security and business stability.

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Many small business owners aren’t computer or tech-savvy, and at Nuvera, we don’t expect you to be. These types of server issues can cost your business and cause unexpected downtime:

Inability to staff IT server administrators or engineers
Unreliable access to business applications
Security concerns from cyber-attacks and viruses
System outages and downtime
Knowing that your server is being supported, managed and backed up regularly by Nuvera’s team of IT experts will provide your business peace of mind.


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Identify and resolve failures due to server performance


Set up recommended hardware and software along with regular maintenance and backups

“When we have a problem or IT need, they are dealt with immediately. Communication and our working relationship with Nuvera is great.”

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